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Making Memories...
             ...Lasting Legacies


Lardner Monuments believes future generations remember you by how you've touched other lives and how your life story is expressed in the tangible form of a distinct monument.                             Just like the marble and granite tributes to royalty, your monument is a historical link in your community. 

We planned ahead
so our kids wouldn't be burdened with making difficult decisions for us. 
Although pre-planning your monument may seem like a daunting task and an even more awkward conversational topic, the main advantages of pre-planning include saving your children from the emotional and financial burden while giving you the freedom to choose exactly what you want in a memorial. Other advantages include being able to think rationally about a monument without the distraction of grief leading you to spend more than you had planned or choosing a design which may be pertinent at the moment but does not adequately depict a lifetime of an individual.
Lardner Monuments offers the convenience of working directly with our artists and designers. Indoor and outdoor displays at two locations in Topeka offer a variety of color, size, and shape choices. Our experienced staff pays close attention to details from the moment you share your story until you see your monument set.
Lardner Monuments believes the many hours our staff invests into your monument that will share your story with generations is affordable, quality craftsmanship translated into genuine satisfaction for you and your family.


We're Here to Help You

Main Office
 3000 SW 10th Ave.

Topeka, Kansas 66604

Ph. 785-234-3720


612 NW Highway 24

Topeka, Kansas 66608


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