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At Lardner Monuments, we offer you the absolute best value in a memorial. We make our headstones and cemetery monuments at our North Topeka location, which means there are no extra costs for outside production or sales commission. 

Most importantly, we offer you superior experience, service, workmanship and creativity.

Because of the many customization options available, prices can vary. And remember, the granite you choose for your headstone and grave marker is primarily what determines the price.

Monument Pricing

A man who works with his
hands is a laborer;
a man who works with his hands
and his brain is a craftsman;
but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.
- Louis Nizer

Types of Memorials

What Type of Memorial?


The type of memorial may be determined by cemetery requirements.

What Size of Memorial?

- Are there cemetery (or space) requirements regarding length, width or height?


- Are you looking for a monument for one person or will there be other names on this memorial?

- Will this memorial cover just one grave or more than one grave?

What Color of Granite?


 - We offer only the highest quality memorial grade granite from around the world

Design Ideas


If you have an idea of how you want the finished stone to look or know what you want on it, call, email a description, or send us a quick sketch. We will use your information to create a  drawing that we will send back to you.

For those who aren’t sure how you want the stone to look, browse through our design gallery or visit local cemeteries to get inspiration.

  • If you see a monument in our gallery you like, just give us the name on the monument and we will adapt it to your particular desires.

  • You may find something in the cemetery that looks right for you. If so, take a photo to email us and we will send you a full color conceptual drawing.

  • We can even duplicate an existing memorial if there is one you would like to match. If this is the case, let us know so we can explain how to make a rubbing of the stone to give us all the information we need.

What Kind of Design?


What kind of Design or Engraving details do you want to include?

- The name, dates, text and artistic elements that make the memorial unique



Additional items you can choose for your monument include flower vases, color portraits, etching, statuary, eternal candles.

We can quote you these prices.

Getting a Quote


Once we know the size, type of granite, amount of polished surfaces and the shape and type of design you want we can send you a drawing and quote of the entire cost to complete the memorial.



We ask for 50% down when ordering a marker or monument, and the balance is due upon setting.

We accept the following payment forms:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash, Cashier's Check, Personal Check

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