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What Kind of Monument Should I Select?

Given the historical significance of your monument, it should be selected with careful thought. Some factors to consider are location, material, style, shape and personalization.

First, consider where the monument will be placed. Does the cemetery allow the size and type of monument you envision? Since costs can vary from cemetery to cemetery, it is especially helpful to make sure the cemetery meets your needs.

After choosing the location for your monument, consider the type of material. Granite, marble and bronze are the most common choices. In Kansas, most of the time, the material of choice is granite. Granite is the hardest material and is quarried in North and South America, India, Africa, China and Europe. Each granite color has its own set of qualities. Black granite lends itself well to detailed etchings. Rose and gray granites are more easily sculpted as religious figures. Wausau Red and Blue Pearl granites are valued for their rich color.



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